Reading comprehension: Decision making exercise

Reading Comprehension generally refers to developing capability to understand the written text, derive inferences. One should understand complex sentence structures, should possess knowledge about various words and must possess good reading speed. To some extent, all these skills and knowledge should be there to crack the examination. But large number of candidates miss out one of the most important factor for getting success in the exam.

CAT Language section is not merely checking language capabilities but checks the various aspects of application of logic. Also, it is not about checking the reflexes of candidates by asking more numbers of questions which are taken from some databases of language, then candidates are required to solve more than 50questions in less than 25 minutes and they have to move to the next section, which is also on the similar line. But in last few years clear signal from CAT exam is not to check the reflexes but decision making capability within a stipulated time period. The time period is not too much as the exam is not of subjective type and not too less so as to check only the reflexes. It gives reasonable time to arrive at decisions for varieties of questions.

CAT is an examination to check accurate understanding of the subjects involved. In addition to accurate understanding of the subject matter, the options are designed in such a way that it involves the decision making skills. As it is said by one of the Professors of IIM A, "Problems do not remain problems, if they are completely defined." therefore, problem solving skills require something more than the problem solving. It requires defining the problem clearly, identifying necessary information needed from the given information, identifying the approach needed to solve.
Therefore, Language section in CAT is also a game of logic and your decision making skills are really critical here. Focus more on decision making approach then just merely focusing on language per se.
Useful for CAT Reading Comprehension Section.