Logic should persist at BJP today!! Modi's elevation, Advani's egress!

Logic should persist at BJP today!!

L K Adavani resigns today from all the posts of BJP. The reason is known to all and he clearly articulated it with his inability to understand and follow the directions in which BJP going. Media got a great masala to talk on and we will definitely got a great masala to talk on the streets, on phone, in offices etc. Possibly, for 15-20 minutes most of the offices must have stopped, in some way or other.

The BJP's response to this inappropriate. Mr. Rajnath says that he has not accepted the resignation, Sushma Swaraj saying that she will placate Mr. Adavani and bring him back. The Alliances are also reacting in little negative way. JD-U saying the tallest leader resigns then how can we be with them.

Here, we have to look back and see why the situation has reached to this position at BJP. The big questions to be asked are- why the party leaders could not see something like this coming? If they could foresee such things, then why is the reaction not in accordance with it.

I strongly believe that the BJP leaders must be aware about the repercussions of the elevation of the Modi. They have to accept that as of now the logic says that Modi can do wonders with voters and votes ( not just the voters). The old horse has to retire, and if he does not retire at right time and in right manner, the problem will be with the votes. The votes may swing. Here BJP is missing on very critical part of managing Mr. Advani's exit in right manner at right time.

Why not to accept the Modi's elevation, which all the party members proposed? Even when Rajnath proposed Modi's name yesterday, he iterated twice that Modi's name is accepted by all the leaders of the party and nobody is in a different view.

I think the logic should persist, in case, logic is not applied by BJP today, then it will be hard to accept their proposals in future.