CAT 2013: First Day First Show

CAT 2013: First Day First Show

Today, CAT 2013 at Surat (First time!) was conducted quiet smoothly. No technical glitches, no human error, no panic.

CAT 2013- surprisingly had different sets/questions for each candidates. The set I had was very different from atleast 4 students present out of 50 at the Surat test center. 

Quant: My quant was tough, with lot of questions on functions, P&C, and Geometry. DI questions were practically calculation based. Without calculation, nothing can be achieved here.
Those who are going for next few days, kindly prepare hard for functions and not only the basics but some advanced concepts like finding range, decreasing function, maxima - minima of functions etc. Geometry questions were really of good quality, I loved them.

Language & LR: LR was relatively easy- there were direct questions from PT's material.
RC was the toughest! Three RC passages with difficult language and really out of the regular topics. Those RC passages were fun to read and the questions asked were really of good quality. It really checked the deep understanding of the general reading capability of students.

EU was really comfortable. Less of grammar, para formation, FIB and word usage.

Overall, with an attempt of 25+ in Quant, 30 in Lang section, I was happy with the performance and all the more happy with the difficulty level of the questions.

In general, my prediction is 22-25+ attempt in Quant and 24-25 attempts in Language should be ideal to get a decent IIM Call !